hiring cleaning services to keep your home freshhiring cleaning services to keep your home fresh

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hiring cleaning services to keep your home fresh

Keeping up with the everyday cleaning of your home can be time consuming in itself. But, when it comes to getting to the deep cleaning, like carpet and upholstery scrubbing, it can be downright impossible to get to it. Whether your schedule is restricted due to career responsibilities or because you have kids that keep you hopping, hiring a company to take care of these deep cleaning tasks can be well worth the expense. This blog will give you some tips on keeping your home looking and smelling great even when you are on a very limited schedule each day of the week.

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Can You Use a Power Cleaner to Remove Snow from Your Property?

The cold season is here, and the biggest headache for homeowners is how to clear snow from their properties. So, if you have been struggling with snow accumulation and have a power washing machine, you have probably wondered if it might help clear out the excessive buildup. Here is everything you need to know about whether you can use the washer to remove ice from your property.

Is the Machine Helpful in Clearing Ice?

First, you should determine whether you have a pressure or power washer. Note that the two machines work similarly, but the power washer uses heat. As such, choose the powered one to get the ice off your roof because the heat will thaw it and speed up melting and cleaning. It is also important to note that the efficiency in cleaning will depend on the prevailing weather conditions when you set out to wash with the power cleaner.

Is the Method Worth the Risks?

Power-cleaning snow seems fantastic on paper. For example, hot water quickly melts ice, leaving a smooth surface. However, consider these tips before using a power washer for winter cleaning: First, check the weather and temperature. Note that power cleaning ice in freezing weather may be ineffective because freezing temperatures can transform the water into ice. Therefore, clean when the temperatures are high to avoid freezing. Further, when there's sunlight, the runoff will dry quickly. However, if you can't fulfill both requirements, clear the ice with a snow blower or shovel it.

Is It Safe to Power Clean a Roof?

Common sense dictates that you shouldn't use a washer to remove ice from your roof, as the procedure is harmful to the roofing material in many ways. First, there is the issue of water weighing a lot. Hence, the weight of water added to the snow and ice on your roof is too much to bear. Also, the water doesn't just disappear when it hits your roof. If there's snow on top, it will soak up the water before it reaches the surface. As a result, your roof will have to support more weight, which could lead to its collapse. It's not very common, but it could happen. On the other hand, some people believe using a small nozzle could minimize the damage. However, smaller nozzles have restricted water flow, which adds pressure and raises the potential for roof damage.

As always, do not attempt power washing snow off your roof without the help of an expert. Speak to them about the feasibility of the cleaning process and let them handle it for you for the ideal outcome.

Speak to a pressure washing service to learn more.