hiring cleaning services to keep your home freshhiring cleaning services to keep your home fresh

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hiring cleaning services to keep your home fresh

Keeping up with the everyday cleaning of your home can be time consuming in itself. But, when it comes to getting to the deep cleaning, like carpet and upholstery scrubbing, it can be downright impossible to get to it. Whether your schedule is restricted due to career responsibilities or because you have kids that keep you hopping, hiring a company to take care of these deep cleaning tasks can be well worth the expense. This blog will give you some tips on keeping your home looking and smelling great even when you are on a very limited schedule each day of the week.

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Post-Construction Cleaning Is Best Left to a Professional

Whether you are building a home for a family or constructing a massive office building, one thing is for certain: the buyer will expect a clean property. Although the construction process is often anything but tidy, at the end of the project you want to turn over a finished project that is not only structurally intact and beautifully appointed, but also in clean condition. Learn what this task should involve. 

Exterior Debris Removal

For commercial and residential properties alike, it is all about curb appeal. Before you turn over your beautifully designed property, you want to ensure that the exterior of the property looks great. You can only achieve this goal by cleaning the exterior, well. Professional cleaning services involve a detailed walk-through of exterior surfaces, including a porch or driveway to ensure the area is clear of any waste products and looks good.

Hard Surface Wipe Down

Particularly if you are turning over a residential property, you want to provide the client with a structure that is safe and sound for their family. Throughout the build process, there are a host of chemical solutions, nails, and other fixtures that can collect on these surfaces. With a post-construction cleaning service, every hard surface, such as countertops, in the home will be wiped down and cleared of any potential hazards. 

Register Cleaning

It does not matter how much you pride your brand and reputation on keeping a clean worksite. The reality is that there will be dust collection as you build. Since registers are often installed early in the build process, there is always the potential that dust and other particles can settle around these openings and jeopardize the air quality in the building. A cleaning professional can clean each of these areas to help ensure your client does not have any air quality issues as a result of a dirty register. 

Surface Sanitizing 

The threat of bacterial and viral infections is real. As a result, it is important to aim to ensure that you could keep your customers safe. A janitorial professional can ensure that the entire property has been sanitized so that your client walks into the property with the confidence that their safety is at the forefront. It is also worth noting that you may be able to have a sanitization service performed during the build to keep the worksite safer. 

If your company has handled your post-construction cleaning on your own, now is the time to partner with a commercial janitorial company.